February 15th, 2017
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Welcome to the Strategic Marketing Day
An outlook towards the next marketing - 2020. The merge of strategy, innovation & social marketing

High level marketing intelligence…

Gain marketing knowledge with tips, tricks, cases and insights of national and international speakers and companies. You will be able to start implementing this knowledge immediately after a #smdayBE edition.

A new name…

The Strategic Marketing Day is the new name of the Social Media Day. After 7 years, social has become a part of the general company strategy. Time to go further into details on what strategic marketing is all about!

A well-known formula…

You can still follow us on Twitter with #smdayBE, because the formula itself won’t change. You still have a full afternoon to learn and discover the secrets of a working marketing strategy. And the time to network with other marketing professionals.

The Speakers

Meet the confirmed speakers


Marketing manager & Product owner @ Flexmail

Michelle Dassen is Marketing Manager & Product Owner at Flexmail, a 100% Belgian email marketing platform focused on ease of use and flexibility. Michelle is responsible for the marketing, and takes care of the strategic expansion and roadmap. She’s also guest speaker and writer.

de Maagt

Prime Minister @ Ministry of World Domination

Polle de Maagt changes companies to be less about ads and more about acts. Over the last years he worked for companies like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, IKEA, LEGO and Heineken.

Van Haverbeke

Partnership & Marketing Manager @ UberEATS

Van Opstal

Founder @ Wavelab

As a marketing facilitator, Miel is inspiring dozens of companies, advertising agencies and governmental institutions on how to develop successful and future-ready strategies. Merging the technological background from his years as a Consumer Technology Evangelist for Microsoft EMEA with the insights gathered over a decade as a brand strategist and corporate consultant, Miel believes that the future of marketing isn't intrinsically marketing. It's contextual, highly-personalized, immersive, additive and meaningful information, delivered by intelligent and smart technology. It's an experience - an intimate connection - regardless the device, medium, time or location.   Miel is an enthusiastic and entertaining lecturer at colleges, business schools and universities where he talks and ponders about contextual digital marketing, personal branding and today's 'always connected' consumer. He's a passionate storyteller on how future technologies are already influencing our lives and cultures, and the impact they have on our psyche, behavior and social connections. In 2015 he taught two full semester courses at Thomas More College: Consumer Psychology and Digital Marketing Models.   Apart from multi-day strategic branding seminars and full day innovation workshops for companies, consumer brands and European Commissions, Miel delivers tailored executive keynotes for many industry summits, marketing conventions and (corporate) business networking events all over the world.


Founder @ Husky Marketing Planner

Peter Desmyttere is founder of Husky Marketing Planner, a digital project management tool for marketing teams. It gives marketing managers a better overview of their projects and tasks, saving them time and increasing their efficiency. For over 15 years he has been consulting entrepreneurs and marketing managers to define their marketing strategy.


Sales Lead @ Oracle Marketing Cloud


Managing director @ Lunar Gravity

Conference Schedule

Packed with strategic insights, just for you.

10:15 am

Welcome & registration

10:45 am

2020?! I don’t even have a clue about tomorrow

Polle de Maagt
Prime Minister @ Ministry of World Domination

When talking about strategies for 2020, Polle de Maagt has more questions than answers. He made every rookie mistake in the book, working on digital and innovation projects for companies like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Heineken, IKEA and Starbucks. That makes him uniquely unqualified to talk to you today. Still he will share his thoughts on how AI is still AS (Artificial Stupidity), how the best email is no email and how we’re all fooling ourselves into believing we understand our customers.

11:15 am

Why marketers are more likely to face stress and burnout.

Peter Desmyttere
Founder @ Husky Marketing Planner

Based on recent research and his 15+ years’ experience in marketing consultancy, Peter Desmyttere shares his insights on stress overload in marketing teams. Integrated marketing platforms can help marketers to get more control and a better overview on projects and campaigns.

11:45 am

How to Perform while you Transform in this Age of Transformation

Olivier Van Duüren
Founder @ The Dualarity

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


1:30 pm

The next mile in email marketing: email is booming, email without strategy however is dead

Michelle Dassen
Marketing Manager & Product Owner @ Flexmail

Email marketing has often been labelled as a channel on the verge of extinction. But time and time again email has proven to be a high ROI channel that should be at the center of the marketing mix. However, no longer will email work “just because”. In this talk we’ll go over all the new expectations of your audience you’ll need to incorporate in your strategy.

Key take-aways:

How will your email marketing strategy need to evolve?

What will the new General Data Protection Regulation mean for your strategy?

How to create meaningful experiences for your audience?

2:00 pm

I received the wrong ad/email … again!

Didier Helsen
Sales Lead @ Oracle Marketing Cloud

2:30 pm

Falling in love with bots

Glenn Fellows
Managing Director @ Lunar Gravity

The entire marketing-industry is on the verge of experiencing a radical change in way of working. For decades we have focussed on creativity and the distribution of it. As social media has grown from hype to industry, the next wave of consumer-brand interaction has arrived: automated conversations aka chatbots. Glenn will be talking about the strategic prerequisites needed before starting with the development of chatbots, real world use cases, the ROI of a bot and the structural impact they have on social-, marcom- and sales-teams.

3:00 pm


3:20 pm

The Evolution Towards Contextual Algorithmic Audience Engagement: automating the tailored customer experience

Miel Van Opstal
Founder @ Wavelab

5:00 pm

From Uber to UberEATS, innovation at a dazzling speed

Charles Van Haverbeke
Partnerships & Marketing Manager @ UberEATS

More details coming soon.

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Why is this conference for you?

Stay ahead of the curve

Knowledge is power! Discover new insights, best practices and new solutions that will help you defining your marketing 2020 strategy. Lift your marketing strategy towards a higher level and take that leap ahead in the competitive landscape you’re facing these days.

Strengthen Your Skills

A broader knowledge, visionary insights and being engaged in a network with the right people on the right moment, are highly respected skills today. Become part of our community with thousands of “likeminds”. When you’re more into in-depth knowledge and insights, we provide trainings and workshops. Improve your skills through our trainings in collaboration with our partners and other specialized professionals of the #smdayBE network.

Networking opportunities

The iron tower is definitely outdated anno 2016. Get out and explore! Vision, sharing knowledge and strategic partnerships are key in a fast evolving society and business environment. Meet new people, visionary speakers and the solutions to support your marketing 2020 strategy.

Find new ways of thinking and problem-solving

We strive to have innovative and inspiring speakers on the #smdayBE stage, speakers with a proven track in an out-of-the-box thinking attitude. Learn how to create that new mindset enabling you to find new ways of doing (online) business! Embrace ideas and tactics how you manage to think wider than the traditional ecosystem to find new opportunities and markets!

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