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This edition: Tools, Tactics & Transformation
Modern marketing demystified!


Tools are no longer a privilege in digital marketing. Even traditional marketing can’t exist without tools and techniques. Welcome VR, AR, AI, marketing automation, lead hacking,…

How will these tools make it easier for you? And how effective is their outcome?


As a marketer you have to play a tactical game. Inside the company and outside in the consumers world. Meet customer experience, marketing management, customer centricity, sprints, funnels,…

What are the key tactics? Which tactics need to be used at what level?


Digital transformation meets business transformation. In every modern company you will no longer have silos. Get involved into the decision making units, gain marketing insights, structure that go-to-market strategy.

Why do companies need to transform? What is the impact on your business?

The Speakers

Meet the first confirmed speakers


CEO @ madewithlove


Corporate Director @ Mediahuis Connect


Strategy Director @ Mediahuis Connect

Van Der Vurst

Lead Data Strategist @ element61


#smdayBE host & partner @ X-treme Creations


Word-of-Mouth Director @ Ambassify


Founder @ Chaomatic



Sales Director Growth @ Indeed.com

Van Hove

Founder @ Growthagent


Partner @ Onlyhumans

Conference Schedule

Packed with strategic insights, just for you.

3/28/19 10:00 am

Welcome & Registration

3/28/19 10:30 am

Transformed readers and tactical media, welcome by Mediahuis

Bart Decoster
Corporate Director @ Mediahuis Connect

3/28/19 10:45 am

AI tools you can use today; demystifying the fugazi around AI

Renout Van Hove
Founder @ Growthagent

There are a lot of Artificial Intelligence tools available for direct use. What can they do for you? And how easy is it to implement and execute these tools into your business strategy?

3/28/19 11:15 am

What a marketeer can do in the age of the Maelstrom to help your company thrive

Cedric Royer
Entrepreneur & Author of JUMP: a framework for organizations to thrive in the age of disruption

The Maelstrom is coming, that convergence of trends that will fundamentally change society.  Trends that range from global warming to AI, to migrational pressures and political shifts.  How will organisations not only survive, but also thrive in such environment?  And what can you do to help to make this happen?  In this presentation we will explain the framework, and the central place that people have within this framework.  We will go with you on a journey how marketeers can (and should) play a central role in their organisation, and we will focus on the social purpose and employer branding.

3/28/19 12:00 pm

The key in business transformation; collaboration in stakeholder levels

Geert Desager
Strategy Director @ Mediahuis Connect

In every company, there are open and hidden stakeholders influencing your business. When your business needs transformation, a combination of tools and tactics will decide the speed and strategy towards the success of your transformation.

In full transformation, what are the key learnings? Which stakeholders will put a stamp in this project? What are the hurdles and how to conquer them?

3/28/19 12:30 pm

Lunch @ Mediahuis

3/28/19 1:30 pm

Recruitment or (Employer) Branding?

Jeroen Joosens
Partner & Account Director @ Onlyhumans

– What is the definition of employer branding?
– The link between customers and candidates for your brand
– How to use tools in employer branding
– Inspiring examples (national and international)

3/28/19 2:00 pm

A tool, tactics & transformation: a roadtrip to the modern customer centric marketing & communication

Koen Stevens
Partner @ Ambassify

A lot of companies tend to struggle in this age of disruption.
Mostly expensive and time consuming consultancy projects are initialized to guide those companies towards the future, often called “a transformation strategy and roadmap”… It could seem a good first step but meanwhile competition is not standing still at all! And certainly customers are not giving you one, two or three years to adapt yourself to their needs. They want instant change! Or they will abandon you instantly!
So, are al those heavy consulting projects really the best practise? Or should you just start doing it? Start with the basis of a proven strategy by putting your customer first! And then, based on gathered insights, adapt and finetine your strategy further on during the proces. Tranformation is not something that suddenly happens in just one night, it’s a proces! It’s a journey of learnings, trial and error and striving to improve day by day.
This Strategic Marketing Day is about tools, tactics and transformation… And that’s exactly what Ambassify stands for.
One great inventor of mankind said: “Vision without execution is hallucination”. So you now have two options:
1. Quit your job and go smoke some marihuana. Enjoy the hallucinations!
2. Get started, go execute and finetune your vision further on!Are the challenges below also so recognizable to you?
– How to listen to your customer and detecting their needs?
– How to obtain personal data from your customers?
– How to perform & manage ideation and co-creation with customers?
– How to facilitate and manage a two-way-communication flow with your customers?
– How to transform them to your best Brand Ambassadors?
– How to engage your Brand Ambassadors and making them promote – and even sell
– your Brand and products with a smile?
– How to recognize and reward those Brand Ambassadors?
– How to do more with budgets always under pressure?

Koen from Ambassify will guide you through some cases on tactics & executions some Ambassify customers did. How can community marketing – in an ultime customer centricity approach – lead to immediate results while you can adapt your vision and strategy along the way. Discover cases from Barco, KBC, Switch, Bellewaerde, Infrabel, National Lottery and some international customers.
Finally Koen will provide you a roadmap how to get started with execution.

3/28/19 2:30 pm

Product marketing from an engineer’s perspective

Andreas Creten
CEO @ madewithlove

Everyone is making digital tools and products today. Building them is one thing, but making them used is harder. In this presentation Andreas explains how to set up product marketing to make user centric digital products.

3/28/19 3:00 pm

Coffee break @ Mediahuis

3/28/19 3:30 pm

Being smarter in Digital Marketing using Data & Artificial Intelligence

Bart Van Der Vurst
Lead Data Strategist @ element61

Big Data & AI are buzzwords and often make us think on Silicon-Valley-style initiatives. In this session, we want to prove differently and we show you how Data & AI has true potential for all types of organizations. We deep-dive on 10 sales & marketing use-cases realized recently in Belgium and give all attendees 3 concrete tips on how to trigger a more data-driven set-up in their organization.

3/28/19 4:00 pm

Build your thought leadership & leverage your personal brand

Michael Humblet
Founder @ Chaomatic

How to balance your corporate brand versus your personal one? how do you scale your multichannel approach? How do you scale your marketing production….Time to answer these questions I have been getting every day. I’ll give you the playbook how to build thought leadership and balance this with your personal brand.

3/28/19 5:00 pm

Networking drink @ Mediahuis


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