This edition: Mesmerizing Marketing & Captivating Communities


Knowledge is power! Discover all insights on how to stay ahead of the curve,
strengthen your skills and find new ways of thinking and problem solving in strategic marketing.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Conference Room @ Wunderman Thompson Antwerp
Generaal Lemanstraat 47/2, Antwerp

Building a Community Brand

These days, everyone is talking about building brand communities, which has made the war for attention grow more intense than ever. But what if a subtle shift in perspective could help you step out of the war zone, find your true tribe and build the strongest community of all?

Find out how community brands take a new approach to brand identity: one that includes community at the very core of it, and tackles community building in a more organic and sustainable way. The first step? Shifting out of ‘customer centricity’ and starting with who you are.

Influencer marketing is without a doubt one of the most interesting and simultaneously challenging tactics for brands today, but there is only way to actually use it to build a community. Find out how community brands leverage the full power of real influence, and move consumers to become ambassadors instead of just customers.

Social media offer a never-seen-before opportunity to quickly and efficiently bring together your followers. Find out how community brands approach them as platforms to build their community a home - reinforcing their ties with and influence over their tribe.